Scarab King’s Slot Machine

Scarab King’s Slot Machine

In Microgaming’s newest game, the Scarab Kingdom, which was developed by JustForTheWin and released by Microgaming, you will travel around Ancient Egypt in quest of buried riches.

The action takes place over 5 reels and 30 paylines in this very risky slot machine. There are a total of 30 ways to win. You will have the opportunity to activate a number of features that can lead you to the hidden riches, such as Multipliers, Pharaoh’s Free Spins, Cleo’s Bonus, the Wild Scrolls, and the Bonus Bar. All of these features may help you find the hidden treasures. You will find yourself surrounded by artifacts, such as seals, amulets, and jewelry, that are inspired by Ancient Egypt. Are you prepared to go through our review of Scarab Kingdom to learn more about the game?

How to Play the Slot Machine at Scarab Kingdom

You will be familiar with what to anticipate from Scarab Kingdom if you have ever played a slot machine produced by Microgaming and created by JustForTheWin. The moment you load it, you will be transported to Ancient Egypt, where you will find yourself in a beautiful garden with the reels located in the center of the screen. After then, the Bonus Bar will appear above the reels, and this will be the case regardless of whether you loaded the slot game on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

The control buttons will be located, as they always have been, to the right of the reels, while on the left, you will see all of the rewards you can receive in the Cleo’s Bonus, as well as the number of symbols needed to trigger the Pharaoh’s Free Spins. The Cleo’s Bonus and the Pharaoh’s Free Spins are both triggered when you collect the required number of symbols.

When it comes to the control buttons, the one with the three dots will be the first one that you see on the screen. This is the location of the paytable, which includes icons like as flowers, Cleopatra, eyes, a Pharaoh, Ankhs, and the Scarab that Scatters. You will then see a button labeled “Autoplay,” which will be followed by a button depicting coins, which will be labeled “bet configuration,” and will allow you to put bets ranging from 0.20 to 25 credits. The last button is a big one labeled Spin. However, underneath the reels, you will find two screens, which are the Balance display and the Bet display.

Bonus Features and Free Spins Can Be Found in the Scarab Kingdom

The Scarab Kingdom online slot game has a lot of exciting action on its reels for players to enjoy. To begin, you will notice that every time you are successful in landing the Scattered Scarab symbols, not only will they be added to the Bonus Bar that was described previously, but they will also be added to a Scarab Holder. The Scarab Holders are located directly above each reel, and here is where the Scatters are accumulated. When you completely fill up a holder, the Wild Scrolls function will be activated on the corresponding reel. This feature transforms the corresponding reel into a Wild Reel in its entirety. Each time the wheel is spun, these Wilds travel down the grid by one spot, and continue to do so until they are totally removed.

The Cleo’s Bonus will now become available to you after you have accumulated 100 Scatter symbols in the Bonus Bar. You will be presented with a new screen that has 12 coins with their obverses hidden for you to choose from. You need to match three ones in order to reveal a reward that may range anywhere from 15 times your original bet to 40 times, 200 times, or even a startling 5,000 times your original bet!

However, you should bear in mind that if you are successful in landing three scarabs on the center reels of the Scarab Kingdom slot machine, you will activate the game’s most valuable additional feature, which is limitless free spins. Free games awarded by the Pharaoh start off with a multiplier of one and a wild scroll located on the third reel. The amount of the Multiplier will rise with each spin, and the activation of Wild Scrolls will occur once you successfully land a Wild. At the online casinos that come highly recommended by us, the free spins round will continue until there are no more wild scrolls visible anywhere on the grid.

Scarab Kingdom’s Average Wins, Potential Payout, and Average Volatility

On the volatility scale, Scarab Kingdom is rather high given its introduction. It provides a return on investment (RTP) that is, on average, 96.13 percent. The maximum amount that can be won during Cleo’s Bonus is really the maximum amount that can be won overall, which is 5,000 times the stake.

Due to the fact that the maximum stake that can be placed on the slot machine is 25 credits, the maximum amount of money that can be won by playing the slot machine is 125,000 credits. In light of all that has been discussed, including the return to player percentage, the maximum stake, and the maximum win, it is safe to declare that Scarab Kingdom is a slot machine that should be played at least once.

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